Bruce Cyr:
Principle Facility Coordinator

The newest member of our team Bruce assumes a pivotal role in managing building repairs and maintenance within the organization. His responsibilities encompass conducting routine inspections, coordinating repair tasks, and implementing maintenance schedules to sustain the optimal condition of the facilities.

Through his strategic approach to upkeep and timely repair management, Bruce ensures the structural integrity of the buildings, fostering a conducive and safe environment for the organization’s operations.


Boyd Cyr:
Manager of building Services, Procurement and Website Design

Boyd’s multifaceted role involves managing building repairs and maintenance, ensuring the facilities remain in optimal condition through regular inspections, overseeing necessary repair works, coordinating maintenance schedules and addressing repair needs promptly.

Beyond his operational management duties, Boyd hold the additional responsibility of supervising purchasing activities. This includes effectively coordinating the acquisition of necessary resources. Boyd’s oversight ensures that the purchasing activities harmonize with the operational requirements, maintaining a balance between the organization’s needs and budgetary considerations. Boyd’s ability to integrate operational oversight with procurement responsibilities significantly contributes to the seamless functioning of the organization and the optimization of resources.

Furthermore, Boyd is proficient in website design and designed this website creating visually engaging interfaces while ensuring intuitive navigation and seamless user experiences.


Larry Dunlap:
Head of Facility Planning and Renovation Management

Larry is the cornerstone of our real estate company’s transformation initiatives. His ability to draw plans with a meticulous eye for detail and technical expertise, brings architectural visions to life through precise schematics and designs.

As the head of renovations, Larry orchestrates the strategic direction, leveraging a wealth of experience to ensure that projects align with our company’s goals and values. Larry adeptly coordinates and executes these plans, managing the intricate web of tasks, schedules, and resources essential for successful project completion.