Stephane Lemay: Co-founder, President, Director of Customer Service and Chief Financial Officer

Stephane brings a wealth of experience in real estate investment and management. Stephane been instrumental in steering our company to success. His strategic vision and knack for identifying lucrative real estate opportunities have been pivotal in expanding our portfolio. Leveraging an extensive network and a sharp eye for promising investments.

Despite his high-level responsibilities, Stephane remains deeply connected to our clients. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Stephane continues to take calls, offering personalized attention and handling customer service issues, ensuring that every tenant receives the highest level of care and attention. This dedication to direct customer interaction reflects Stephane’s belief in the importance of maintaining strong relationships and upholding the company’s values of service excellence.


Adrien Der Boghossian:
Co-founder, Senior Vice President

A visionary leader and co-founder at Lembog holdings, Adrien has played a vital role in shaping our real estate portfolio. With a diverse background rooted in sales, marketing, proposal writing, and public sector administration, Adrien brings a unique and versatile skill set to our company. This expertise has been instrumental in negotiating successful property acquisitions and raising capital for our business.

His proficiency in proposal writing has been a cornerstone in securing new banking partnerships and collaborations, while his experience in public sector administration has brought an acute understanding of regulatory frameworks and compliance, ensuring that our real estate projects meet and exceed industry standards.